Residence Kharkov (Ukraine)

 residence Kharkov

The cost of services on registration of residence TRP

Name of service notation Time Price
01 Consultation on:

1 the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence TRP

2 individual list of documents required for obtaining permanent residence

in Russian, Ukrainian languages to 30 min. 650 uah.
English, Chinese, German, Turkish, languages 1200 uah.
02 Obtain a permanent residence permit

1 preparation of documents

2 customer support when submitting documents to public authorities.

10 w.d 6135 uah.
Total: 10 w.d. 6785 – 7335 uah.

For registration of residence permit in Kharkov, we need:

  • marriage certificate, work permit or other document entitling to residence permit;
  • photo of a foreigner 3,5 4,5-4 PCs.;
  • original foreign passport.

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine with a guarantee of Kharkov (assistance in obtaining residence permit Kharkov)

Immigration of foreign citizens in Ukraine in recent years greatly increased. Many people from other countries come here to work, to study, whereby they need to legalize its status in our state. Thus, in order to legally live and work in the state of Ukraine, any foreigner should obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.

Residence permit where can I get in Ukraine in Kharkov (assistance in obtaining residence permit Kharkov)?

To obtain a residence permit in Kharkov
Due to the current political situation in Ukraine rather has undergone strong changes of the domestic legislation regarding the receipt and processing of such a document as residence permit in Kharkov to the Russians. Of course, this applies not only to Kharkiv, but the state as a whole.

So residence permit in Kharkov is an official document that certifies the identity of its owner and also gives him the right freely to live in a certain region.

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine can be of two types

  • to obtain a permanent residence permit for Ukraine;
  • to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine.

As the name suggests, these two species differ in the period of stay on the territory of Ukraine. The first is for an indefinite period, but the second – is issued for one year and may be renewed on its expiry. One of the important circumstances, which should not be forgotten when making residence permit, is something that should be replaced with the document at the age of 25 and 45 years.

Residence Kharkov 2018 (obtain a permanent residence permit Kharkov)

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, the price of Kharkov
To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine in Kharkov from the age of 16. However, in exceptional cases, by providing the notarized permission of both parents, obtaining a residence permit may be made prior to the execution of 16 years.

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If there is a need to obtain a permanent residence permit in the state of Ukraine should submit the following documents:

  1. passport of a foreign person or a citizen without citizenship, with a mark about crossing the border;
  2. written decision on the possibility of staying in Ukraine;
  3. official translation of the passport into the state language;
  4. photos;
  5. TIN availability certificate;
  6. receipt of administrative fee payment.

To obtain a residence permit for citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens (registration of temporary residence permit in Kharkov)

It is also worth noting that the right to receive PRP (permanent residence permit) can take advantage of the following persons:

  • those who renounced citizenship of Ukraine, but remained to live there;
  • those who have an immigration permit.

Residence Kharkov (Kharkov residence permit to)

For those who do not want to obtain a permanent residence permit Kharkov, firms specializing in such services will provide such services. This company is our passport service in Kharkov, which in the short term will help to get residence permit.
To issue a residence permit in Kharkov inexpensive

A temporary residence permit in Kharkov (residence permit Kharkiv value)

Those who want to get a temporary residence permit in the state of Ukraine, you should familiarize yourself with this information:
Temporary residence permits are issued to those foreigners who arrived to Ukraine for non-durable period of time. This certificate provides the opportunity legally and in the legal field to stay in the country.

To obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine for:

  • training;
  • provision of work;
  • family reunion.

A list of the documents necessary at registration of temporary residence:

  1. statement;
  2. passport of the person wishing to obtain temporary residence;
  3. certified translation of the passport into Ukrainian;
  4. the document confirming payment of the fee;
  5. pictures;
  6. certificate on INN assignment, if available.

Residence permit in Ukraine Kharkov we will help You to quickly and inexpensively!

Our company will help our customers not only a temporary residence permit in Kharkov, but also give the opportunity to obtain residence permits to citizens of Ukraine who want to leave the territory of our state. So if You don’t want red tape, it is better to trust us for any kind of residence.