Passport to the Prospekt pravdy 5 in Kharkiv

Cost of registration of the passport in Ave Plaza Kharkiv

document Name Cost of registration*
Not urgent 1150 UAH.
21 R/d 1900 UAH.
15 R/d 2400 UAH.
10 R/d 2900 UAH.
Second valid + 300 UAH.
Cancel + 300 UAH.
police clearance certificate Kharkov
10 R/d 350 UAH.
7 R/d 400 UAH.
5 R/d 450 UAH.
3 R/d 500 UAH.
1 R/d 1000 UAH.

Issue a passport of Truth 5 Kharkiv
Passport Truth 5 allows any client to make a long-conceived idea – to create a passport. Not all people use it and don’t even know what it is. And the thing is extremely useful

Issue a passport at the passport office on Pravda Avenue 5

Now we will list a list of countries that are incredibly good for any traveler:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Turkey
  • and many more

The list can go on forever, but not the point. In order to visit these countries, you need to have a passport. What is not the usual passport of a citizen of Your country, namely a passport. This is a special document that operates abroad. It allows its owner to be in other countries, to have a rest, to go abroad and many other purposes.

Without such a passport to do in other countries simply nothing. Or rather, You will not even get there. At the airport You just do not miss and sent home to their homeland. Would You? We don’t think so.

international Passport of a new sample on PR. Pravda 5 at an affordable price in Kharkov

We propose to consider us as an option. Why?

  1. We do our job quickly without making the customer wait for a long time. Thanks to our professionalism, the work will be done on time and very quickly
  2. International Passports will always be at the highest level. They will not only be Your identity in another country, but will delight any aesthete with their appearance
  3. Positive customers. We have a lot of people visiting our service to obtain a passport. According to statistics, all of them were satisfied and travel to this day.

To Make the biometric passport on Pardy 5 – Kharkiv

So, our dear customers. If You are interested in our services, we strongly recommend you to contact us. We will execute the passport in a short time that will not allow You to lose a lot of time. If You really decided, then Kharkiv Truth 5 passport our address to which You can address at any time convenient for You