The passport office of the Kiev district of Kharkov (Ukraine)

Issue a passport in the Kiev district of Kharkov

Passport office of the Kiev district of Kharkov – the first thing you need to start making a passport Kharkiv. Visiting OVIR is a time-consuming process that takes a long time. Therefore, before applying for a passport, you need to be sure that all the documents are in order.

Documents for registration of the international passport in the Kiev district of Kharkov older than 18 years

  1. Ukrainian Passport + 2 copies (1-2 page and residence permit);
  2. TIN and 2 copies;
  3. application Form (to be filled in with the OVIR employee at the time of submission of documents);
  4. Receipt of payment of state duty and services;
  5. Expired passport, if any.

The Nuances in the design

Before submitting the documents in passport office of the Kiev district of Kharkov additionally check for such information:

  • the Surname in the passport and TIN is the same. This applies to women who have recently married.
  • the Stamp on registration in the passport costs more than 6 months. If there was a change of residence less than six months ago, then the main documents attached form 16 of the housing Department.
  • 2 copies of TIN are made on different sheets, separate from passport copies.

Documents for international passport in Kyiv district of Kharkiv for child

In connection with the updated rules for the child also issued a passport. The only difference in the documents for children under 16 years and older is that the first passport is made for 4 years, the second for 10 years.

The list of documents for the child a few more:

  • Application of parents for obtaining a passport with notarization;
  • Photocopies of parents ‘ passports;
  • birth Certificate and 2 photocopies. Children 14 years and older – ID is required-passport and copy;
  • 2 photo 3.5 by 4.5 cm;
  • TIN and copies for children from 16 years;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.

Be careful before submitting documents, check everything several times. This will allow You not to return to OVIR to replace the papers.

Order a new passport in the Kiev district of Kharkov

Do not forget that the most reliable information about the package of documents can be found by contacting passport office district of Kharkov.
Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, also provides assistance in registration of the passport in Kharkov and a full range of other legal services.