The passport office of the Ordzhonikidze district of Kharkov (Ukraine)

Issue a passport in Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Kharkiv

Passport – the most important document in the life of any citizen. Reaching a certain age, we proudly go to the passport office to apply and get your own identity card, because now we are adults.

But passport office Ordzhonikidzevsky district of Kharkov performs other functions necessary to comply with the order and laws. The scope of its activities also includes registration and registration at the place of residence. In the implementation of real estate transactions passport office provides a number of documents without which to buy or sell an apartment will not work.

Order a passport in Ordzhonikidzevsky passport office of Kharkiv

On Ordzhonikidzevsky passport office Kharkov imposes a large number of duties, so it works in a very busy mode. A huge number of appeals, dozens of people who come every day for the solution of their questions makes employees be in good shape constantly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that when you contact the passport office in advance to get acquainted with the schedule of its work, the list of necessary documents and the possibility of electronic recording – all this will make life easier for you, simplify the work of specialists and speed up the solution of your question.

Foreign passport services in Ordzhonikidzevsky district in Kharkiv

To work with foreigners, each passport office of Kharkiv region allocates specific specialists, whose duties include registration of foreign citizens, visa and invitations, citizenship, migration registration. These are complex issues that may require repeated visits to the passport office.

To clarify the time and mode of operation of all specialists can be both by phone and on the website. Better navigate to the official sites to get accurate information.

Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, also provides assistance in registration of the passport in Kharkov and a full range of other legal services.