To get a passport Chuguev (Ukraine)

Cost of passport service in Chuguev

document Name Cost of registration*
Passport cast iron
up to 1 month 1200 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 1600 UAH. (₴)
police clearance certificate cast iron
10 W/d 350 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 400 UAH. (₴)
5 W/d 450 UAH. (₴)
3 W/d 500 UAH. (₴)
1 W/d 1000 UAH. (₴)
LVL cast iron
Russia – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Belarus – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Moldova – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
CIS – 1 month and 7 days. $ 1500 ($)
Abroad $ 2000 ($)
China 3000 USD ($)
Vietnam 3000 USD ($)
LVH cast iron
Russia – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Belarus – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Moldova – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
CIS $ 300 ($)
Abroad $ 500 ($)
Vietnam $ 600 ($)
Going on vacation abroad, but no passport? Then hurry up, because the registration of the passport can take a long time.For citizens of Ukraine visiting countries with an internal passport is possible only in two countries: Russia (up to 90 days) and Belarus (up to 30 days).

After registration of the passport in front of You opens a hundred countries to enter which is enough only a passport. Let’s figure out how to make it and what it takes.

Registration of the international passport of Chuguev

all citizens of Ukraine of any age have the right to Issue a passport. A passport for a child will be valid for 4 years, and adults and persons over 16 years can issue a passport for a period of 10 years.

the First step is to prepare the documents:

  1. Internal passport (original and copy);
  2. Identification code (original and copy);
  3. For children under 14 years – birth certificate (original and copy; if there is an old passport then it can be handed over);
  4. Receipt of payment services for registration of foreign passport Chuguev;
  5. certificate from the military enlistment office for citizens from 18 to 25 years subject to conscription. If You have served – provide the original and a copy of the military ID.

Documents for obtaining a passport in Chuguev

The quickest, but at the same time not convenient way to submit documents will be a live queue. Go to the VMI and wait for its opening, then get a ticket for the same day if you’re lucky.

You can also make an appointment with the migration service through the electronic queue. You can sign up for a convenient day and time.

Another option is to record through the terminal in the VMI on the desired day.

You need to apply in person. When making you need to fill out an application where you need to specify your information and contacts.

Price for services of registration of the passport in Chuguev

The cost of services for registration of the passport Chuguev can differ depending on what kind of passport You need.

The cost of standard design includes:

  • Payment for administrative services ;
  • electronic chip passport (biometric passport);
  • without electronic chip.

Order cheap pig iron passport

If You need urgently (within 7 weekdays) get a passport Chuguev price of VMI services will be a little more expensive. The rest of the price of the passport remains the same.

To make a passport Chuguev inexpensive is necessary in advance, it is desirable for 2-3 months before the expected vacation to attend to the collection and registration of all papers.

The application is considered within 20 working days. Then You need to come to the Department with a passport to obtain the coveted passport.

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