To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Bulgaria

residence permit for Bulgarian citizens in Ukraine

The website of passport services in Kharkiv contains information on how to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for Bulgarian citizens.

The main document for the citizens of Bulgaria who want to live, work or study in Ukraine for a long term or for an unlimited period of time is a permanent and temporary residence permit. The procedure for registration of this document for foreigners is the same as for residents of countries with visa-free regime.

On this website of passport services, You can find out what package of documents, applications and reasons for moving you need to provide to to issue a residence permit to citizens of Bulgaria in Ukraine.

Get a residence permit in Ukraine citizens of Bulgaria

To obtain a residence permit, first of all, it is necessary to formulate the purpose of the move (family, work, study, religious beliefs, and so on). Then you must provide the full set of required documents. This set can be changed under certain conditions. The main factors remain unchanged:

  • long-term or permanent view required;
  • reasons for document execution;
  • homeland citizen.

the residence permit to nationals of Bulgaria

Registration is engaged in the migration service of Ukraine. According to the rules of Ukrainian legislation, a long-term residence permit allows foreign citizens and stateless persons to stay no more than 90 days in the country. After this period, the foreign national will have to leave the territory for the same period of time or more. It should be remembered that the document does not lose its legal force, it must be renewed every year.

Under Ukrainian law, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship may, in accordance with the procedure to arrive in this country for permanent residence.

The procedure for registration of this type of document is much more complicated and needs more compelling arguments. But there are a lot of advantages of this type of accommodation:

  • period of residence in the country is not limited;
  • the alien will be considered a local resident, in which case he will have the same rights;
  • there is no need to issue an extension every year;
  • the right to cross borders is free;
  • no restrictions on entry and exit from the territory of the country;
  • the possibility of obtaining a job without permission from the Ukrainian side.

Services for registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Bulgaria

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