To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Poland

residence permit for Polish citizens in Ukraine
In this article we will talk about how you can get a residence permit in Ukraine citizens of Poland. What should be done for this and where to go.

In the life of each and every one of us may have certain circumstances, which may require a residence permit in the territory of another state. Here on the basis of these circumstances and will be built all further registration of citizenship.

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens of Poland?

What can be the reason for obtaining citizenship.

  • family circumstances. This may include the registration of marriage of a resident of Ukraine with a representative of another state.
  • Belonging to the work of the media.
  • Desire to get education in educational institutions on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Invitation for employment.
  • Work in large international companies.

Such reasons for obtaining citizenship can be many, and when you contact the competent authorities, you can get a full list of them.

Procedure for registration of residence permits to Polish citizens

After substantiating the reasons for obtaining citizenship, you will find a long and very tedious process of registration and collection of documents. Here’s a list of the main documents.

  • Valid passport of the citizen.
  • TIN.
  • On the Insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance.
  • Confirmation of no criminal record.
  • Receipts for payment of state duties.
  • Personal photo.
  • Applications for residence permit.

When all the documents are ready, you just have to wait for the decision of the Commission.

Get a residence permit in Ukraine for Polish citizens

If you need to obtain citizenship, you should contact the office of the Federal migration service of Ukraine. Here you can submit your application, read the full list of required documents and get accurate information about the procedure for obtaining citizenship.

On average, the application is considered within fourteen working days, but quite often these terms can be significantly increased. It all depends on the reasons for obtaining citizenship and the purity of the personal data of the applicant. But even with the right design and impeccable personal data, the percentage of failures is very high.

The most common causes of failures.

  • Violation of documentation.
  • Invalid data of the applicant.
  • Providing false information.
  • Criminal record.

This list can be continued for a long time. If necessary, you can study everything thoroughly on the official website of the migration service.

Now you yourself were able to make sure that the process of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine Polish citizens, very time-consuming and long procedure.

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