To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Russia

residence permit for Russian citizens in Ukraine

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens from Russia?

Tohow to get a residence permit in Ukraine Russian citizen? the Internet helps to solve this problem by giving an opportunity to understand the full picture of the situation that is now with foreigners wishing to settle in a foreign country.

In recent years, the situation has become tougher. The country’s law enforcement agencies carefully check the documents of each citizen, as well as monitor the implementation of specific laws or regulations adopted in recent years. And though it is right for the country, but infringes on the rights of some people who want to get a new job or just live in a new place.

The residence permit to Russian citizens

Although in fact, the paperwork in the case of Russians does not differ from similar procedures for ordinary foreigners. But since it is difficult to find sources that would be able to tell people in an accessible form about < strong>how to get a residence permit in Ukraine, a Russian citizen in 2018 has to look for an opportunity to get at least some help. And here can help only the vast expanses of the Internet, providing access to reading the laws, rules. And if you want, you can even turn to special services that can solve problems with registration in any, even the worst situation.

The only correct solution to the problem is to take concrete action. They include the collection of documents able to confirm the identity of the person, including registration, full name and information about relatives. After that, you need to go to the migration service for the registration process. A message will then be sent to your email address or mobile phone number indicating a positive or negative response from the service.

Get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Russia

People should realize< strong>as a citizen of Russia to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine. do not forget about following the clear rules of the law. The Russians should have an opportunity of fifteen days to arrive in the country to submit the document to the query. Using the time given to the decision of the inspection, the person can continue to draw up documents. If suddenly there was a refusal, then the answer should indicate the reasons for which this decision was made, so that the next submission of documents, the person could correct the shortcomings.

The process may seem quite complicated and confusing. If a person does not have a legal education, he simply can not alone deal with the whole set of rules and laws that he should adhere to. What can we say about the fact that he still has to find their own ways how to execute documents. Only thanks to the Internet, finally have the opportunity to get advice from the service dealing with issues as a citizen of Russia to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine citizen.

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