To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Slovakia

residence permit for Slovak citizens in Ukraine
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for Slovak citizens is a fairly common problem. However, obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) is a mandatory procedure for any foreign citizens who expect to stay permanently in the country or stay in it for a long period.

Residence permit is temporary and permanent. The first has no time limits, and therefore do not have to deal with its renewal. But for a temporary residence permit there is a restriction that allows you to stay in the country for no more than 90 days.

the residence permit citizens of Slovakia

The right to issue a residence permit is for foreigners or persons who do not have citizenship, on the grounds stipulated by:

  • device on the robot;
  • the desire to reunite with the family when one of the spouses has citizenship of Ukraine, or any of its members has a temporary residence permit;
  • desire the preaching of religious teachings, performing ceremonies, etc.;
  • employment in foreign companies;
  • study, etc..

Documents for residence permit in Ukraine for Slovak citizens

it is possible to Issue a residence permit to citizens of Slovakia in Ukraine in the presence of a certain package of documents submitted:

  • the statement written on the established sample;
  • passport or a document replacing it;
  • duly certified Ukrainian translation of the pages of the above documents with personal data;
  • medical insurance policy;
  • receipt indicating that the state duty has been paid;
  • 4 photo format 3,5×4,5 cm, made the established way;
  • identification number issued by the tax authorities.

Note that the list of documentation in each case changes.

Services on registration of residence permit for citizens of Slovakia

registration Service residence permits to citizens of Slovakia in Ukraine provided by the staff of the migration authorities. They are required within 3 calendar weeks (fifteen working days) to make a “verdict” on the issuance of a residence permit. However, it is possible to significantly facilitate and accelerate this procedure by resorting to the services of the Kharkov site of passport services, whose employees:

  • conduct preliminary consultations;
  • prepare all necessary documentation;
  • submit documents to the migration service;
  • will accompany the entire process until it is successfully completed.

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