Visa and registration Department on August 23 in Kharkov

It’s in full swing, and if so, it’s time to think about the rest and in advance to take care of obtaining a passport to OVIR Kharkov on August 23. Of course, you can find picturesque places in Ukraine, but many prefer to travel abroad. However, any foreign trip is impossible without a document for traveling abroad. And getting it often turns into difficulties.


A plan international voyage Kharkiv busy people. And most of them do not have time to stand in queues at the reception in OVIR. Recall that it is located in Kharkov on the street on August 23.

It so happens that there is an attractive in all respects tour on a last minute. Before departure, there are only a few days, and the passport does not exist or it is expired. Then our experts will come to the rescue. They will solve the issue of obtaining a passport within a week or even earlier. Naturally, for the customer it is fraught with additional costs, the size of which is stipulated in advance.

Turning to us for help, You will be spared the need to personally visit OVIR on August 23 in Kharkov. Our employees will carry out the necessary work on their own.

How we work

So, the client decided that he needs to make a clean passport or renew the previously valid. In any case, follow the advice of a specialist. He will tell in detail:

  • what documents will be needed for the whole procedure;
  • in what form (conventional or biometric) it is preferable to order a passport;
  • how much money will have to be paid depending on the urgency of making the document;
  • on the design of which pages of the passport should pay attention to the host country.

Then the main work begins. The client fills in the form, attach documents to it, including a receipt for the state duty. Next is to wait when the visa office Kharkov on 23 August the office will come prepared the document.

Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, also provides assistance in registration of the passport in Kharkov and a full range of other legal services.