Residence permit in Ukraine (Kharkiv)

A permanent residence permit in Ukraine
!!! Please note that the rules for obtaining both permanent and temporary residence permits in Ukraine have been amended. Big changes in the registration of a residence permit affected Russians. The information below is fully up to date.

What has changed since 2018:

Since January 2018, legislative changes have come into force in the procedural part of the residence permit, as follows:

  1. a new form of the form of the certificate of both permanent and temporary residence permit is introduced;
  2. the permanent residence permit must be reissued every 10 years;
  3. children are documented by a separate certificate;

Old forms are valid for the entire period for which they are issued.

Residence permit (residence permit) is an official document that certifies the identity and confirms the right of an alien or stateless person to reside permanently or temporarily in the state of residence.

The law establishes the right of the state bodies to consider an application for a permanent residence permit for 12 months. In case of refusal, even for formal reasons, the following application for issuance of the certificate may be submitted not earlier than 12 months.

Depending on the grounds of the foreigner’s residence permit is divided into:

  • permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • temporary residence permit.

The main distinctive feature of the two residence permits is the validity period: permanent residence permit is valid indefinitely (the form is subject to replacement every 10 years), and temporary residence permit is valid from 1 year to 3 years (with the possibility of extension). However, it is necessary to comply with the condition about the exchange of both documents at the age of 25 and 45 years. Residence permit is issued to persons regardless of age (recall that previously a separate certificate was issued from the age of 16, however, in exceptional cases, the document could be issued before reaching this age with the consent of both parents.

Get a residence permit in Ukraine: is it necessary?

The answer to the question whether it is necessary to issue a residence permit in Ukraine – only your competence, we will try to detail about its advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, a residence permit is a document that allows you to legally stay on the territory of Ukraine for a long period.

It is worth mentioning that the rules of stay of foreigners have changed dramatically in the country recently (you can read more about innovations here). In this material, we will only briefly indicate that, as a General rule, a foreigner may be in Ukraine for a limited period of time (usually 90 days (including cumulative) for 180, while the countdown of the last period begins with the first entry). What to do next? How is it legal not only to stay in the country, but also to enter Ukraine?

For a long stay in Ukraine, the legislator also provided for the possibility of obtaining a residence permit. Can a foreigner without a break to stay on the territory of Ukraine (as well as to enter/to go) for the entire period of validity of the residence permit. Here is what we remember that the permanent residence permit is issued without limitation of validity period, temporary residence permit – valid for a limited period (up to 3 years).

The law «on immigration» has established that foreigners who have issued a residence permit in Ukraine are equal in rights to citizens (except in cases expressly provided by the laws, for example, the lack of suffrage, the acquisition of agricultural land, etc.).

What civil rights can be enjoyed by a foreigner with a residence permit in Ukraine. All rights to transfer within one material is difficult, but one of the essential rights will be:

  • the right to education (children can get free education);
  • the right to obtain Ukrainian citizenship;
  • unsecured banking services;
  • the right to employment without additional permits (only for permanent residence);
  • the right to duty-free importation of personal cars; the right to pension, etc.

The possible disadvantages of obtaining a residence permit will be the fact that from the point of view of taxation there is a high probability of referring an alien who has issued a residence permit in Ukraine to the category of «tax resident» – and this is fraught with additional taxes and accounting. For example, about the presence of income, the source of which is not in Ukraine, it is necessary to report annually to the tax authorities.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine

Category of foreigners

Such foreigners and stateless persons can obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine:

  • the former Ukrainian citizens who remained to live permanently in Ukraine after making decision on the termination of the Ukrainian citizenship.
  • persons who have the right to immigrate to Ukraine for permanent residence on the basis of obtaining an immigration permit;

As you can see, the preliminary stage in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine is to issue an immigration Permit. However, for lack of misunderstanding, immediately, we note that as the registration permit and residence card of permanent residence permit – occur in the same process.

So, who can get the immigration Permit and, as a result of a permanent residence permit.

The list established by the immigration Law includes various grounds, for example, a foreigner has the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine in the case of full — blooded relatives of the first line (brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, grandson or granddaughter) — citizens of Ukraine, ie, a citizen of Russia can issue a permanent residence permit in Ukraine if his grandmother is a citizen of Ukraine.

Another widespread reason is the territorial origin, i.e. the receipt of a permanent residence permit by a Russian (or a citizen of another country) is possible if he or she or any of the close relatives before 16.07.1990. lived on the territory of the future Ukraine. In addition, a permanent residence permit in Ukraine can be obtained by parents, spouses and children of a foreigner who has already issued a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.

Similarly, it can be issued, refugees, guardians and Trustees of citizens of Ukraine.

Documents for obtaining a permanent residence permit

The material regarding the list of necessary documents is quite voluminous.

  1. the main document is the document confirming the basis. So, for example, in the case of registration of a permanent residence permit on the basis of the presence of Ukrainian citizenship, relatives of the first line need documents that prove a) the citizenship of a relative; b) a full-fledged relationship (for example, when related to a grandmother, it is necessary to show a birth certificate of the parents of a foreigner. and the birth certificate of a foreigner).
  2. a minimum of one entry to Ukraine at the time of filing is required to obtain a permanent residence permit.
  3. for citizens of countries with visa procedures need a visa in the passport, for visa-free countries (in particular, for Russians) may need departure-entry (crossing the border of Ukraine).

How to get a temporary residence permit in Ukraine

Changes in 2017

Among the innovations of the order of registration of temporary residence permit in Ukraine since autumn 2017, it is necessary to distinguish the following:

  1. Reduced the term of consideration of documents from 15 to 10 days.
  2. The only body of registration of temporary residence permit in Kiev was the City administration of the VMS of Kiev. We will remind that earlier foreigners, under certain circumstances, issued a document at the district offices.
  3. The period of validity of the document has been increased-from now on, the residence permit is valid for the entire period of validity of the work permit, and it in turn can be issued depending on the grounds, valid for up to 3 years.
  4. The categories of foreigners who can issue a document have been expanded. Thus, a foreign investor with an investment of more than 100 thousand euros can issue a residence permit valid for up to 2 years.
  5. Changed the procedure for renewal of a temporary residence permit. At prolongation of residence permit on the basis of employment permit it is necessary to submit the information confirming employment by the employer not less than 3 Ukrainians for the period not less than six months prior to submission of the petition for prolongation of residence permit or about payment of the income tax of not less than 50 minzarplat for the last financial year.

Category of foreigners

Foreigners and stateless persons who have arrived in the country can obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. You ask why we need all this red tape can simply do it not to register? You can and so, but imagine that a foreigner came to Ukraine to work. Well, if he case here rarely, and if not? What if he is due to his employment should be here very often (if not always)? And after all there are rules of stay of the foreigner in Ukraine.

A new procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine started to work very recently. As we mentioned above-the main purpose of the temporary residence permit is the legalization of long-term stay of the foreigner.

So, in practice the main grounds for registration of temporary residence permit are:

  • work permit of an alien as a document confirming the official employment of an alien to work in a Ukrainian enterprise, a Bank in Ukraine;
  • study – it is important that the entry of an alien into the country was on the basis of a visa, which is issued at the request certified by the Ministry of education;
  • family reunification, i.e. when one of the spouses already has a temporary residence permit or is a citizen of Ukraine.

In addition, a temporary residence permit in Ukraine is issued to foreigners who have arrived:

  • to participate in technical projects – international technical assistance) — this basis applies exclusively to the registered ICC treaties;
  • to preach religious teachings-it is important that the preacher entered the country on a visa, which in turn is issued to a religious organization on the basis of an application accepted by the state religions;
  • to participate in the work of non-governmental organizations of foreign States-in other words, to work in branches and missions accredited by the Ministry of justice;
  • to carry out scientific, cultural, educational, volunteer activities on the basis of international treaties or special programs – it is necessary to have official contracts;
  • to work as a correspondent or representative of foreign media;
  • foreigners who arrived illegally, but are temporarily on the territory of Ukraine because of the impossibility of expulsion from the country (for the duration of insurmountable circumstances).
  • since 2017, the residence permit is also issued to foreign investors who have contributed to the authorized Fund of the Ukrainian enterprise the amount of not less than 100 thousand euros. The period of validity of such a residence permit is 2 years (with the possibility of annual renewal). Note that the fact of investment is also the basis of registration of a permanent residence permit.

Documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine is carried out by the bodies of the state migration service (formerly OVIR, GIRFO). Previously, the authority issuing the document depended on the grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit is determined by the territorial body of the HMS. So, in case of registration of the residence permit on the basis of employment – the package of documents was submitted to GMS of Kiev (municipal government), and in case of family reunification (to the citizen of Ukraine) – regional management. Since 2017-the only body issuing a temporary residence permit is the city administration of the HMS of Kiev (Bereznyakovskaya str., 4A)

To obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant submits an application with a package of documents to the state migration service at the place of residence. As for the specific list of documents for obtaining a residence permit, there are also nuances. For example, there is a basic list of documents which includes:

  • the application of a person;
  • a passport or an identity document, a copy thereof;
  • a certified translation into Ukrainian of the passport pages of the document (identity document) with personal data of the applicant;
  • the payment document on payment of admission;
  • a copy of the certificate on INN assignment (at presence).

Additional list of documents depends on the grounds for registration of the document. So, to obtain a temporary residence permit for marriage to a citizen of Ukraine must additionally submit: a) a letter of guarantee spouse; b) income statement spouse (options are available); C) a copy of the marriage certificate. At registration of temporary residence permit on the basis of employment-it is necessary to provide the copy of the employment permit issued by the employment center. Depending on the grounds of registration of residence permit can be provided and other documents.

Residence permit in Ukraine: stamp of registration

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine mandatory condition is the obligation of the foreigner to stamp the registration (registration of residence) in the residence permit, within 30 days from the date of registration of the certificate.

Careful! sale of residence

What are the risks of buying a registration?

So, you have decided to apply for a residence permit, but you understand that the main problem is that you simply do not have the opportunity to issue it. You end up with two options: First, you open the Internet and find a bunch of ads «sell a residence permit». You agreed to give $ 300 received a residence permit with a residence permit. Like all good – you are happy. The second option, the «experts» who make you permit I propose to solve this problem. You agree. Give an additional $ 600, get a license and rejoice.

Purchase registration-a very delicate product. Professional advice-that’s what you need in this matter!

Ask what’s wrong? Yes nothing, except such little things:

  1. Buying a registration on the Internet you can easily cater to simple scams that you simply «draw» a stamp of registration, and that of article 358 of the Criminal code, «Forgery» (restriction of freedom up to 2 years).
  2. Buying a residence permit from «experts», you run the risk of running into: a) see above; b) the use of the so-called mass registration addresses, which have already registered more than 50 people, and the whole scheme is based on the buried precinct-policeman, who can be fired not today or tomorrow, and then you are faced with the»submission of false statements».

Both described options threaten to cancel the residence permit, and as a consequence – up to the forced return to the country of departure with a ban on entry into Ukraine. Please note that we do not deny the possibility of buying a residence permit, we only draw your attention to the fact that the residence permit should be good. What do you mean good? This question is individual, let’s say one thing: a fine on the owner of the apartment for the sale of a residence permit can be up to 8500 UAH. What to do? Help professionals-that’s what you need!

Time the cost of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

The period of registration of a permanent residence permit

Here it is necessary to recall the legislative fragmentation of the process of obtaining a permanent residence permit: a) registration of an immigration Permit — a legally fixed period of one year; b) registration of a permanent residence permit is accepted by the state body within 7 days from the date of submission of the documents package.

Term of registration of temporary residence permit

Legally established term of registration by the state temporary residence permit authority-10 days from the date of submission of documents. Please note that submission of documents is possible only on visiting days. We are ready to offer you a 2-day period of temporary residence permit.