To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Azerbaijan

How to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens of Azerbaijan?

It is no more difficult for an Azerbaijani citizen to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine than a citizen of any other country with which the visa-free regime operates. The period during which Azerbaijani citizens can stay in the country is limited to 90 calendar days from the date of crossing the border. After this period, the alien must leave the country.

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Azerbaijan?

To extend the period of residence in Ukraine, a temporary or permanent residence permit should be issued. The grounds for obtaining a residence permit of one type or another can serve not only family reunification, but also marriage, as well as work or study in the territory of the state. Each of the situations is considered separately, then the required package of documents is collected. To obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, Azerbaijani residents will need to have the appropriate permit, which will need to be transferred to the state migration service.

procedure for issuing residence permits to citizens of Azerbaijan

The procedure is regulated by the law «on immigration». First of all, the residence permit legalizes the presence of a foreign citizen in the Ukrainian territory. The choice of the type of residence permit depends on many factors, including not only the wishes of the foreign citizen, but also the presence of valid grounds and a suitable package of documents. Residence permit allows foreign citizens to increase the period of stay in the country without having to leave it, which makes it possible to keep the workplace or freely continue their education. There are legal companies that will help to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to an Azerbaijani citizen legally, in compliance with all legal norms. Such assistance greatly facilitates obtaining a residence permit, as many documents do not have to be issued several times.