Get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Abkhazia

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Abkhazia

Today we will talk about how you can get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Abkhazia. In everyone’s life there may be certain circumstances that will require registration of citizenship in the territory of another state. And if it touches or has touched you, it would be very interesting how to do it, how long such a procedure will take and where it is necessary in this case to apply.

the office of the Federal migration service of Ukraine (FMS) deals with issues related to granting citizenship on the territory of Ukraine to both Abkhazian and other nationalities. All the necessary information you can get directly there, or on the official website of the migration service.

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Abkhazia

The first step is to argue your application for citizenship. The list of similar reasons is very wide. Here are some of them.

  • Training on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Service in international organizations.
  • Involvement in the work of the media.
  • Family circumstances.
  • Contract Work when an employee has received an invitation from the Ukrainian side.

In General, such arguments can be of a whole lot.

Collecting documents at registration of citizenship in Ukraine to citizens of Abkhazia

after you have managed to justify your application for citizenship, we proceed to the longest and tedious procedure, the collection of documents.

The Main list of documents.

  • Valid passport and photocopy of the citizen.
  • The obligatory medical insurance Policy.
  • Taxpayer Identification number (TIN).
  • Certificate that no criminal record or outstanding legal charges.a more accurate list can be found at the address. Depending on the reason for obtaining citizenship, this list may have some changes.

Possible reasons for refusal to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine

Now that all the documents have been submitted and the whole procedure of registration seems to be behind us, we can only expect the Commission’s decision. Applications of this kind are usually considered within 14-15 working days. For a number of objective reasons, these deadlines can increase significantly.

But it is not always the case that such applications are considered in favour of the applicant. Such failures occur quite often.

The failure can be Caused.

  • Incorrect information is Known.
  • Violation of registration rules.
  • Existence of convictions and encumbrances.
  • Unconvincing grounds for obtaining citizenship and many others.

In such a case, to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine citizens of Abkhazia will have to go through the whole procedure again.