How much it costs to make an international passport in Kharkiv?

Document Name Cost of registration*
Not urgent 1200 UAH
21 one working day 2000 UAH
15 working days 2500 UAH
10 working days 3000 UAH
Ordinary passport + 300 UAH to the selected
Urgent passport + 400 UAH to the selected
Ordinary passport + 300 UAH to selected
Biometric passport + 300 UAH to selected

how much does it cost to make a biometric passport in Kharkiv

How much it costs to make an international passport in Kharkiv? This question may be of interest to almost any modern man. Because the cost of registration of such a document is significantly different depending on the region in which it is filled. Although there is a single standard-the amount that a person must pay in any case. Therefore, if you suddenly go to sea in another country or just want to look for work abroad – it is worth thinking about the design of this document. But this procedure will not be free. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how much you have to pay.

There are three types of registration of foreign passports:

  • Standard;
  • Biometric;
  • Accelerated biometric.

How much does a passport cost?

Biometric passport has an increased cost for a reason. It is made at the expense of the higher price of the paper on which it is issued. But in fact, if you want to know how much is a passport, you can fully learn about it in the process of registration. Since in the process of working on the document, you also need to issue some documents relating to your identity. This will also require, albeit not large, but still monetary costs. Do not forget about the Bank Commission, it will also be charged when you pay the bills. Therefore, the cost of the whole process will be somewhat different than it might seem at first glance.

How much does it cost to make a biometric passport in Kharkiv?

If you need to know more information about how much it costs to make a biometric passport in Kharkov, it is necessary to ask for these details on the website. After all, the twenty-first century, and therefore filing can be somewhat simplified thanks to technology. Without problems, you can find all the basic details of the paperwork, and in some cases even apply. Look for the best way suitable for you.

How do I get a biometric passport?

In addition, there are options when standing in line is simply not possible. Therefore, the price for the document will also be formed depending on how urgently it needs to get them. Even if you need to issue documents the next day-it can be done without problems. However, it is worth noting that in this case the cost of the procedure will cost a little more expensive compared to the usual rate. No one can give you a complete answer to the expense of how much you should pay for a passport. Because this process is almost completely individual and needs a personal approach of each individual user. But the main thing is that you should not have any questions about how to get a biometric passport.