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In 2012, our state began its rapid path in the direction of Europe. November 2016 was marked by the fact that Ukraine’s legislation regulating the passport of the relationship of citizens, was amended, which provided completely new for Ukrainians a thing as getting the id card in Kharkov, Kiev, Dnepr, as well as other cities and regional centers of our country.

Getting id cards in Ukraine

The main change in the Law is that the passport (id card) of a citizen of Ukraine is issued from 16 years of age and reaching 14 years of age. Moreover, the replacement of the specified document is carried out once in 10 years (for those citizens who have reached 18 years of age) and for persons under 18 years, such identity card is issued for 4 years with the subsequent replacement.

I would like to mention that now it will be a small plastic instrument (very similar to a driver’s license), instead of the usual small book. It is very convenient, because the document is more resistant to damage, more durable and does not occupy much space.

Obtaining id cards is to obtain in Kharkiv is not difficult

Thus, the new identity document will be able to get all those citizens who have damaged (or lost) passport-“book” sample 1994. But, all wishing to make replacement of the passport of 1994 on the id-card, also burns “green light”. It is enough to apply to the migration service with an application to replace the old passport with a” European ” document of the appropriate sample with an indication of the specific reason, that is, what exactly the ID document is needed for. But do not invent anything, because it is enough to specify as a reason – your own desire to get a modern document that meets European standards.
Получить ID карту цена

ID the map design in Kharkov will need the list of documents

To get a modern plastic card identity, you must provide a set of documents.
Documents for registration of id cards in Kharkov:

    1. заявление;
    2. on the birth certificate (required only in the situation when the passport is issued for the first time, that is, for those who have turned 14 years old);
    3. the passport of the parents or one of them;
    4. the document, which must be replaced;
    5. certificate registration body, having a pattern (it is not needed in that case, if replacing the passport of the sample of 1994);
    6. additional documents required depending on the reasons for receiving the card – for the first time, replacement, loss, etc.

The manufacture of such a passport can take 10 to 20 days. These are the terms clearly spelled out in the Law, and therefore cannot be violated.
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Getting the id card in Ukraine and Kharkov price and cost

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