Assistance in the lifting of the ban of entry for foreign citizens

Help in removal of the prohibition for entry of foreign citizens

The lifting of the ban on the entry of the Kharkov

Very often it happens that a person, suspecting nothing, lives to himself, and so is only going to go abroad – “BAM”, and he has a ban on entry into a particular state. There are several reasons why such a ban may be imposed. Therefore, before you draw up documents for travel abroad, you should remove such a ban.
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How to remove the ban on entry, and why such a ban can be put?

Currently, the rules of border crossing provided for by the migration legislation have been somewhat tightened. Especially, it concerns crossing of borders with the Russian Federation. If you need removal of the ban on entry to Kharkiv, then this can be done only by appealing the original decision to the court. It is better, of course, in such a situation to turn to specialists, because there are some pitfalls of the migration legislation of Ukraine and the country where there is a mark “ban on entry”. We offer our customers only high quality and qualified services in this matter.

Reasons for the ban on entry

  1. Violation of legislation by foreign citizens.
  2. providing knowingly false information at customs control concerning the identity of the citizen.
  3. Violation of the requirements for permissible periods of stay in the territory of the state concerned.

 lifting the ban on entry for foreign nationals cost
In order to find out about the presence or absence of such a ban, you should contact the special state website of the country in which the person is going to go. There are fields that need to be filled in. This is the usual personal data. After that, the window will display the relevant information.

Assistance in lifting the ban on entry to Kharkiv price

Advantages of cooperation with our passport service in Kharkov:

  • extensive experience in this field;
  • only contractual relations, that is, before the provision of services, necessarily a contract for the provision of such services, and therefore both parties are fully protected;
  • guarantee of obtaining a positive result in lifting the ban on entry to Kharkiv.

The price for the services provided is quite reasonable and the cost of each can be found on our website, in the appropriate section.
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what is the procedure for lifting the ban?

If You have made a ban on entry into the country, you should not be too upset, as such a decision is not final. It can be appealed in court or through the migration service. There are no other ways of lifting such a ban in the legislation of international countries. The timing of the appeal against the prohibition of entry depends on the reason for its imposition. On average, they range from one to two months, and there is no earlier complaint procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to be patient.
Do not trust the promises that you can remove the ban on entry faster. This is the tricks of scammers who not only will not solve the old problem, but also create a new one for a fairly high cost. Thus, it is better to apply only to attorneys who will perform the entire procedure legally and in accordance with the terms that are provided by law.

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