Renewal of registration of foreign citizens of Kharkiv

extension of stay of foreigners in Ukraine

Renewal of registration of a foreign citizen Kharkiv

Considering the norms and requirements of the Ukrainian legislation, every foreigner, as well as stateless person, on arrival in Ukraine must necessarily register your identity document (passport) in the manner prescribed by legislative acts. Such registration is carried out at the control point (customs) and only by border guards or representatives of this service. After this registration procedure, these citizens who came to Ukraine, can safely be in the country before the deadline.
the renewal of the registration of foreigners in Ukraine

Extension of registration of a foreign citizen at the place of stay Ukraine, Kharkiv

Any citizen of another country or a stateless person can temporarily stay in the territory of our state.

Terms of temporary stay of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine

  • on arrival in the country in the visa regime-before the period that is set by the visa;
  • on arrival in visa – free mode-for a period that can not exceed ninety days.

It should also be noted that there are some restrictions in registration, that is, on the basis of certain international laws and treaties, some categories of foreign persons may be in Ukraine without registration of passport data.

Renewal of patent registration for foreign citizens Kharkiv

However, there are situations when a foreign citizen needs to stay in the country more than the established term. In this situation, he needs to go through a process that has the extension of the alien’s registration. What is this process?

Extension of the period of stay of a foreigner in Kharkiv is an additional registration of a foreign person in the OVIR authorities at the place of his temporary residence. It should be noted that the registration of the passport at the control point and the registration at the place of temporary residence are completely different stages, which cannot be interchanged.
 extension of stay to foreigners price

Extension of registration of a foreign citizen at the place of stay Ukraine, Kharkiv

There are several < strong>reasons that cause the extension of the period of stay of a foreign citizen in Kharkiv in Ukraine, namely:

  1. in the event of any natural disasters and unforeseen situations (severe deterioration of health, car repairs, etc.) – until the end of such situations;
  2. has arisen the need to care for their elderly or sick relative, a difficult pregnancy, which does not allow to make long trips, and the onset of labor, the need for additional time for acceptance of the inheritance or the solution of other property rights, etc. – for a period of up to 180 days from the last crossing of the border;
  3. various valid reasons that prevented the issuance of a residence permit within the validity period of the visa – up to one month.

Documents for extension of stay in Ukraine

To carry out the procedure for extending the period of stay in the country, you should collect a certain set of documents, namely:

  • foreigner’s passport;
  • documents confirming the fact that the person has a real need to stay in the country longer than the deadline;
  • application of the person in the prescribed form;
  • the petition of the country, which takes on the possibility of extending the term of
  • translation of the certifying document into the state language;
  • health insurance;
  • photos;
  • document confirming payment of the state fee.

 Extension of registration of a foreign citizen Kharkiv

Assistance in obtaining extension of stay for foreign citizens in Kharkiv

If you do not know the subtleties of the legal framework or you do not have the opportunity to independently collect documents, it is better to come or call our passport service in Kharkov, which will provide you with high quality services:

  1. expert advice on issues connected with registration and extension of stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  2. filling in all necessary applications (forms) and collecting the necessary documents for submission to the DMSU bodies;
  3. execution of all official payments;
  4. the possibility of an accelerated method of this procedure.

Application for extension of temporary registration of a foreign citizen Kharkiv

Every foreigner must remember that the application for the intention to extend the period of stay in Ukraine should be submitted not earlier than 10 days, but not later than 3 days before the end of the period of stay in the country.

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