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To make apostille documents in Kharkov

Apostille documents in Kharkov

An apostille is specially developed by the international community form that shows that the document in the home country recognized by law, when a citizen is abroad. It’s the uniform among the States which have acceded to the Convention, signed at the Hague in 1961. Ukraine is also included in this list.

Apostille and legalization of documents Kharkiv

If to speak clear language, the apostille simplifies trips to other countries. The person who made the apostille documents in Kharkov or another city, can relax completely, leaving abroad. But in every rule there is an exception – the apostille need not in all cases. It is only needed when you plan to visit in the participating countries of the Hague Convention.
Apostille of documents for the price

What documents contain an apostille?

The apostille is affixed to various documents. They can be divided into three groups, depending on what state body authorized to affix this certificate

In Ukraine, three of the Executive body can the apostille.:

  1. The Ministry of justice;
  2. The Ministry of foreign Affairs;
  3. The Ministry of education.

Accordingly, the Ministry of justice is applying the apostille on the documents issued by registry office and by the bodies of the Notariat. These include birth certificate, marriage, etc.

Legalization of foreign documents and apostille Kharkov

The Ministry of education is authorized to put an apostille on documents which in one way or another relate to education. This:

  • apostille of diploma;
  • apostille of diploma;
  • curriculum;
  • information and PR.

The powers of the Ministry of foreign Affairs is part of the apostille and other types of documents.
Apostilization of documents cost

How much is the apostille in Ukraine?

Countries that recognize the legitimate force of the apostille are significant differences in the legislation. Sometimes need extra notarized copies of documents. Also may need an official translation of the documents must also be notarized.

To independently understand all the nuances of an inexperienced person will be hard. Therefore, we offer passport services in Kharkov on apostilization of documents. Previously in order to do this procedure, it was necessary to go to the capital and wait for some time. But now everything is quite simple and fast.

To make apostille documents in Kharkov

how much apostille in Kharkov, how long will the procedure take and other information, please contact our managers on the contacts. Having the necessary information, you can easily plan the paperwork and the trip itself.

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