Invitation for foreign citizens of Kharkiv

Issue an invitation to foreign citizens of Kharkiv

Invitation of a foreign citizen to Kharkiv

Invitation of a foreign citizen is a special package of documents. It is required when a citizen of Ukraine wants to invite to stay or permanent residence relative or friend. Invitation may be required not only for individuals. The relevant regulations prescribe different options. A foreign citizen may be invited to:

  • public authorities;
  • educational;
  • health authorities;
  • religious communities, etc.

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invitations to foreign citizens Ukraine, Kharkiv

but the most pressing issue is private invitations. Because people have to find out on their own what documents are needed, where to take them, where to bring them, when to do it. This whole process involves a lot of difficulties, loss of time and emotional health. Our passport service in Kharkov offers to take all these concerns on themselves and issue documents in a short time.

invitation for foreigner Kharkiv

Kharkiv is a truly multinational city. There are many educational institutions that are open to students from all over the world. Therefore, invitation to study a foreign citizen in Kharkov, namely its residents often want to issue. At first glance, it is easy to do. But the existing bureaucratic machine in the country delays this process and presents unpleasant surprises.

invitations to foreign citizens Ukraine, Kharkiv

Often there are other reasons to invite a foreign citizen to Ukraine, in particular to Kharkiv. The Internet allows people to get acquainted from different parts of the world. Often these acquaintances grow into a desire not only to see in real life, but also to tie their lives in marriage. This is not a complete list of reasons that contribute to the design of invitations for foreigners.
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features of the invitation for a foreigner

In addition to purely bureaucratic obstacles, there are other difficulties. The legislation means that for people from some countries registration of the invitation will require more effort. These are countries with a high level of emigration. In this case, the invitation for a foreigner to Kharkiv (and other cities of Ukraine) represented by the state authorities will require additional checks.

Issue an invitation to a foreign citizen Kharkiv

Our company provides services that will save a person from many problems if necessary to issue an invitation for a foreigner. We provide full consultation and inform customers about what documents are needed in each case. We do everything in the agreed time and for an acceptable payment.

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