Insurance for foreign citizens of Kharkiv

 health insurance of foreign citizens

Insurance of foreign citizens in Kharkiv

Recently, the number of foreign citizens temporarily residing in Ukraine has increased significantly. This is due to the fact that for many foreigners studying in our Universities is quite cheap, and therefore many are trying to buy it in Ukraine. Also, a huge number of foreign guests come to Ukraine on tourist trips, for treatment or for business negotiations. The legislation of Ukraine provides that when staying in the territory of the state of Ukraine, each non-resident must issue a health insurance policy of a foreign citizen. This policy (insurance) is issued once and is valid until the end of the period of stay in the country.

Medical insurance for foreign citizens – who and in what cases may need it?

First of all, the presence of such insurance will allow any foreigner to get all the necessary medical services and emergency measures. Moreover, all this will be free of charge (i.e. fully covered by insurance).
As for the object of such a medical policy of citizens of another state located on the territory of Ukraine, they are property rights that guarantee certain cash payments in the event of an insured event.
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Health insurance Policy of a foreign citizen in Kharkiv

in what cases is insurance paid to foreigners?

  1. in case of temporary disability resulting from an accident – various injuries, burns, etc.
  2. at constant loss of working capacity which is caused by receiving disability of I, II, III degree.
  3. as a result of the death of the insured person.

Insurance for foreign students and other citizens is inexpensive and cheap

For registration and receipt of health insurance policy to a foreign person, it is enough just to provide a passport.
So, what services does the insurance of foreign students and other foreign persons temporarily residing in the territory of Ukraine provide? It:

  • timely provision of any medical assistance in the event of an accident, emergency assistance, various dental services, payment of medicines;
  • payment and organization of transportation of the patient to the hospital;
  • quality and timely assistance of the service center;
  • the accident insurance.

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Medical insurance for foreign students in Kharkiv-list of documents

For timely receipt of health insurance policy for foreigners, you should contact our company, which has extensive experience in the preparation of such documents. Moreover, for the conclusion of the insurance contract only the personal data of the citizen specified in his passport are necessary.

So, for registration of the policy in our company, we need to provide the following data:

    1. name;
    2. date of birth;
    3. ID-card number;
    4. date of arrival in Ukraine.

Health insurance for foreign citizens Kharkiv-price and cost

Our company provides passport services in Kharkov, quickly and efficiently execute all relevant documents and receive services such as medical insurance of foreign students or other foreigners, will not cause any problems and hassle for its owner.
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Medical insurance of foreign citizens temporarily Ukraine and Kharkiv

Thus, we will issue a health insurance policy in Your name and, upon crossing the border, you will have a ready-made health insurance, which will protect against additional costs.
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