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Make identification code for child Kharkiv

To Obtain the identification code of the Kharkov

Today, every modern citizen of Ukraine is obliged to have the so – called registration card number of the taxpayer, in other words-the identification number. The identification code is an individual set of digits in the total number of 10 pieces. As you know, at present, even a small child should get an identification code.

Kharkiv is a city of millions, and therefore not everyone can stand “kilometer” queues in the tax office. Therefore, if there is a need to obtain an identification code in Kharkov, it is better to resort to the services of a professional. Our company has extensive experience in this field, and

getting an identification code in Kharkiv: why is it important and what is it for?

The absence of an identification number will not allow:

  • conduct any real estate transaction;
  • conduct enforcement proceedings;
  • report to the tax office;
  • registration as an individual entrepreneur, etc.

The restriction is the reason that a person cannot obtain the identification code of a child in Kharkiv or for an adult because of his / her religious or other positions.
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Where to get the identification code in Kharkiv?

For registration of TIN is only necessary to have a passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner. In the second case, you will also need an official and certified translation of the document into Ukrainian.

In addition to the required set of documents, often people are interested in the question of where to get an identification code in Kharkov? The answer to this question is quite simple, as the registration and issuance of this type of documents is engaged in the fiscal service (in other words – the tax Inspectorate).

the Restoration of the identification code of the Kharkiv replacement at the change of name

In addition, if necessary, to replace the TIN when changing the name, first name or patronymic, in the presence of the “old”, the previous number, you only need to provide it to the fiscal service and will be exchanged with the issuance of a new certificate. At the same time, the code remains the same, only the personal data changes. This suggests that it is not difficult to make an identification code in Kharkiv with new data, especially if you entrust this procedure to the specialists of our center.
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How to make a child identification code?

Also, turning for help to the passport service in Kharkov, our consultants will tell:

  1. how to restore the identification code in Kharkov;
  2. identification code for the child how to get Kharkiv.

We will not only be able to release the client from the collection of documents and loss of time, but also in his absence to get the registration card number of the taxpayer.
Therefore, if you need an identification code for the child, and how to get it in Kharkov, you now know.

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