How to check and track the readiness of the international passport in Ukraine?

Ukrainians today offer to check the readiness of the passport of the old model, while at home or even without leaving the workplace. We are talking about a new service that appeared a few years ago, but today has become especially popular and even in demand among the residents of Ukraine. This service allows you to get rid of several problems, namely:

  • the maximum unloading of the telephone line is Carried out, because earlier the operator had to constantly answer the callers about the degree of readiness of the passport for trips abroad.
  • < li>Improve access to and relevance of the information resource without having to go personally to the office of the migration service, which is especially important for those who live in other regions.

  • Exclude corruption factors in the preparation of the document. The wound frequently recorded moments of a conscious tightening of process of registration for the compulsions and rewards for faster completion of tasks.

How do I know the status of biometric passport production through public services?

In order to find out the status of readiness of biometric passport you need to go to a special website, migration service in Ukraine. After that, using a special button “check readiness”, go to a special section where you need to make personal data of the person. Only then you will be able to see the result with regards to the status of readiness of the document for the possibility of traveling abroad.

To correctly enter personal data, you must specify the passport details of the person who applied for a passport. If you receive a document for a child, you must put a “tick” in the format of “children”, and if for an adult, then in the”adult”. In order to find out about the readiness of the passport for a child or adult, you are invited to use the site offers. You will be given one of four answers about the stage of the work, including:

  1. Yhe Document is accepted, the provided data is checked;
  2. It gives permission for production of document and data is transferred in the printing industry;
  3. The Form of the document is made and transferred to the place of issue. The term of issue is determined by each region individually, on average from 2 to 3 days;
  4. Passport is made and ready to receive.

Learning the readiness of the passport through public services, you can expect that each stage takes an average of about 4 to 14 days.

How to track and see the status of readiness of the passport in Ukraine?

If you do not know how to track the readiness of the passport, then use the features of a special service. It is quite convenient to use, but different estimates have been obtained from users. According to some reports, the result is not always accurate and reliable, which may be due to the fact that the information is not updated quickly and not even regularly. Special difficulties arise during holidays and profitable days, in particular during long holidays. Of course, the service received more “positive” ratings, which can not but please those who are planning or have already applied for obtaining a passport.

If you want to see the readiness of the passport, you can do it anywhere and at any time of the day, which is very convenient for people in the modern world. You do not need to contact the representatives of the migration service, spending a huge amount of time, effort and nerves. In the near future, the developers of the service plan to make certain improvements to the program, which will make its use even more convenient and fast. It is planned that a section will be created in which you can apply for a passport.