Passport office of October district of Kharkov (Ukraine)

Issue a passport in Oktyabrsky district of Kharkiv

To go to tourism from Ukraine you need to have a passport which will help you passport office October district of Kharkov. To date, it has become real to obtain a passport yourself. Despite this, many are turning to agencies as they promote the complexity of this procedure. As a result, the amount is 2-5 times more expensive. In this article you will learn how to do it easily and without unnecessary problems.
At any age, any citizen of Ukraine can get a passport, registration fee. People over 16 years old are issued a passport for 10 years, and those who are younger – for 4 years.

Documents for registration of the passport in Oktyabrsky district of the city of Kharkov

Documents need a bit, you have to bring:

  • Ukrainian passport and its full copy or biometric ID with copy
  • If the citizen is less than 14 years old, the birth certificate with a copy
  • Any past passports, including expired ones, a copy of the first page and the original
  • Receipt of paid services, you can pay in advance or directly on the spot
  • Identification code and its copy in one instance
  • If you are an immigrant from ATO – help

That’s all, no more documents are needed.

Cost of registration of the passport in Oktyabrsky district Kharkiv

At the moment there are three types of queue, you can choose the right one depending on your preferences.

  • Terminal – you need to come to the VMI, find the terminal and sign up
  • Electronic – with this queue you will be able to sign up even from another city, the record passes through the Internet and has limited seats.
  • Live – you need to come before the opening of the VMI, take a turn inside, enter and get a ticket for today if you’re lucky, the fastest, but inconvenient option

According to the law, you can apply not at the place of permanent residence.

Services of registration of the passport in Oktyabrsky district of Kharkov

Then you need to pay for the services, in the case of an electronic record, you will be offered to pay for the service online. In other cases:

  • pay in Advance at any Bank, print the receipt on the printer and bring.
  • Pay in VMI, now there are terminals for payment. If there is a change, they transfer it to your mobile account.

Then come to the VMI at the appointed time, a photo of the face will be taken, then fingerprints will be taken, documents will be taken and they will say that it is necessary to come in 20 working days. A month later you will receive a long-awaited passport which issued themselves. This will help you October passport office Kharkov.

Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, also provides assistance in registration of the passport in Kharkov and a full range of other legal services.