Passport on 10 Sumskaya in Kharkov

Cost of registration of the passport on Sumskaya 10 Kharkiv

document Name cost of registration*
Not urgent 1150 UAH.
21 W/d 1900 UAH.
15 W/d 2400 UAH.
10 W/d 2900 UAH.
Second valid + 300 UAH.
Cancel + 300 UAH.
police clearance certificate Kharkov
10 W/d 350 UAH.
7 W/d 400 UAH.
5 W/d 450 UAH.
3 W/d 500 UAH.
1 W/d 1000 UAH.

Issue a passport to Sumskaya 10 Kharkiv

Issue a biometric passport on the street. Sumskaya 10 in Kharkov

To date, any Ukrainian has the opportunity to freely issue a biometric passport in Kharkiv on Sumskaya
. This document allows all citizens of Ukraine to fly anywhere in the world, without a visa to leave.

instruction of registration of the passport on 10 Sumskaya in Kharkov

In July, the Center of service of citizens “Passport Service”began to work in Kharkiv. The whole process takes no more than 20 minutes, if you follow a certain algorithm.

Passport is issued as follows:

  1. Documents are handed over to the employee at the registration Desk.
  2. the Registrar prepares the citizen in the electronic queue.
  3. After the number is displayed on the scoreboard, the center employee enters all the data of the citizen into the client database.
  4. Here, you can pay a fee for obtaining a passport at the nearby payment terminal.
  5. Next, you need to take a few photos 3*4, leave fingerprints and sign in electronic format.
  6. After 7 or 20 working days the passport will be ready and a corresponding SMS notification will be sent to the client’s phone

Documents necessary for registration of the passport on Sumskaya – Kharkiv

If you need to issue passport Sumskaya 10. Here everything goes quickly and simply.

To do this, you will need to provide a package of documents:

  • Identity Card (passport);
  • Original identification code;
  • Original marriage certificate (in case of change of surname or certificate of divorce);

Please note that men under 25 years of age do not need the consent of the military enlistment office to registration of the international passport, according to the law 671-VII of December 5, 2013.

Biometric passport allows citizens of Ukraine to fly freely anywhere in the world. Thanks to high technology to issue it quickly enough for a reasonable price and the child and adult. This does not require unnecessary documents and tedious waiting in line. Passport service will help everyone easily obtain the international passport in Kharkiv on Sumskaya 10.