Passport South Station Kharkov

The cost of obtaining a passport at the South Station Kharkov

Document Name The cost of processing *
Not urgent 1150 UAH.
21 p /d 1900 UAH.
15 p /d 2400 UAH.
10 p /d 2900 UAH.
Second valid + 300 UAH.
Void + 300 UAH.
Certificate of non-conviction Kharkov
10 p /d 350 UAH.
7 p /d 400 UAH.
5 p /d 450 UAH.
3 p /d 500 UAH.
1 p /d 1000 UAH.

Apply a passport to South Railway Kharkov
International Passport South Station Kharkov is one of those that provide quality services. We are located in Kharkiv and are ready to provide all services to our customers.

Make a biometric passport at the South Station in Kharkov

In fact, he has one goal – to visit other countries. Imagine that you wished to go to another country. To visit another country you need to have a passport. Take Turkey as an example. There you will not be allowed if you do not have such a document.

This means that it must be made out. Without it, you will not be able to see:

  1. Italy
  2. England
  3. France
  4. Germany and many other countries

If you are going to another country, you should be prepared that without this document you will not go anywhere. And there remains essentially only one thing – to draw it up. This is not the easiest thing, besides a long one. You need to contact only quality manufacturers, so that they do the job as soon as possible.

International passport of a new sample at an affordable price for South Railway in Kharkov

This passport, in fact, is a direct document that allows not only to be on the territory of another country, but also to remain there for a long time. Any trip must include a passport.

He has a lot of advantages:

  • The police will not constantly bother you with unnecessary questions
  • You will not be considered an emigrant, unnecessary checks can be avoided
  • Problems with the law will not arise because of the document. Although, if you break something, it can be considered an international violation of the law.

So be careful and get a passport only from verified individuals. For example, with us.

Make (order) a passport officially at the South Station – Kharkiv

We know all the details of a passport and are able to answer any question of interest to the client. If the client needs to arrange it for work, we are also ready to help. Our employees are very positive about each of the clients. The work is carried out within the deadlines that are set initially.

If you want to use our services, you can contact us.

Do not hesitate if you need a passport. Contact us and help will be executed quickly. We will help make a passport quickly and without delay.