Registration of residence permit the citizen of Moldova

How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for a citizen of Moldova? This article will help you figure it out.

For representatives of Moldova, the process is the same as for people from other countries.

Registration of residence permit to the citizen of Moldova Kharkiv

First, a person must determine what kind of residence permit (residence permit) he needs – a temporary or permanent option.  The first option will require the consent of a special employment center and an IM1 visa. If a native of Moldova plans to get a permanent view, the list of documentation depends on the reason why a person wants to get a “residence permit”. Documents for the procedure are generally the same:

1.Copy of identity documents.

2.Information about the family and place of residence.

3.A copy of the marriage certificate.

4.Police clearance certificate.

5.Paper on the absence of alcohol and drug addiction.

6.Three photos.

It is necessary to have documents not only in Moldovan, but also Ukrainian-language copies.

It is important to note that a temporary residence permit is issued for up to a year and does not provide special rights. Permanent “residence permit” is given indefinitely and practically equalizes the rights with other citizens of Ukraine. But even in this case, a migrant from the Republic of Moldova, having received a residence permit in Ukraine, will not be able to enjoy the right to work in the city and state authorities. It will be impossible to serve in the armed forces of Ukraine and buy land agricultural land. The term of the clearance “CLS” is 15 days. A resident of Moldova, having collected papers, is required to come to the Ukrainian side. And have the right to a two-week stay, waiting for registration. In case of refusal of the request, the person receives a written opinion.

In General, to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for a citizen of Moldova, the process is not difficult if the action is carried out within the framework of the legislation.we help to carry out registration and submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit. With us residence permit in Ukraine for Turkish citizens becomes an easy and quick task.