The passport office of the Shevchenko district of Kharkiv (Ukraine)

Issue a passport in Shevchenko district of Kharkiv

Prestigious Shevchenko passport office Kharkiv will welcome within its walls people seeking to obtain a passport that meets all legal requirements.

A person who owns an official passport has a legal right to travel abroad. Due to the lack of information awareness, some residents and guests of Kharkiv do not know the basic legal intricacies of the procedure for obtaining a document.

Passport as the main document when crossing the border

Order a passport at the passport office of Shevchenko district (Kharkiv)

Legal registration of the passport offers respectable
the passport office of the Shevchenko district of Kharkiv
. Visiting the passport office of the population is associated with many hours of queues. For the convenience of visitors, they have a unique option to record in an electronic queue on a suitable date and time.

Our passport office is ready to offer customers favorable conditions of cooperation and favorable service, which is expressed in:

  • quality legal support of the passport registration process;
  • responsible approach to paperwork;
  • highly qualified specialists.

Organizational aspects of registration of the passport

Passport registration services in Shevchenko district of Kharkiv

Reliable passport office is staffed by experienced staff who carry out the proper registration of passports in compliance with the basic principles of domestic law. Passport is useful for lovers of tourist trips to the far and near abroad. Business people who go on business trips to the territory of foreign countries and continents are interested in obtaining a passport.

Before the procedure of registration, the recipient should consult with the Executive employees of the passport office. Any good citizen should visit the passport office, which will allow him to look law-abiding when traveling to foreign territory.

Passport service in Kharkiv – KH-PASSPORT, also provides assistance in registration of the passport in Kharkov and a full range of other legal services.