To get a passport Balakleya (Ukraine)

Cost of passport service in Balakleya

document Name Cost of registration*
Passport Balakleya
up to 1 month 1200 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 1600 UAH. (₴)
police clearance certificate Balakleya
10 W/d 350 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 400 UAH. (₴)
5 W/d 450 UAH. (₴)
3 W/d 500 UAH. (₴)
1 W/d 1000 UAH. (₴)
LVL Balakleya
Russia – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Belarus – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Moldova – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
CIS – 1 month and 7 days. $ 1500 ($)
Abroad $ 2000 ($)
China 3000 USD ($)
Vietnam 3000 USD ($)
LVH Balakleya
Russia – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Belarus – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Moldova – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
CIS $ 300 ($)
Abroad $ 500 ($)
Vietnam $ 600 ($)
A passport is a document that allows us to move freely around the world. Without it, the traveler simply will not grow out of the country. If you have never been abroad, but would like to visit, the first thing you need to do – registration of the passport Balakleya.

the Timing of registration of the passport in Balakley

As with any other document for registration of a passport will need a certain period of time. If you apply at the place of residence, in this case the whole process will take up to one month.

Cost of service of registration of the passport in Balakleya

Many who want to get passport Balakleya price interested in the first place. You will need to pay the state fee. For adults, the amount will be higher than for minor children. It is worth noting that the payment is made before the start of the manufacturing process of the document. You can pay the state fee both in cash and with the help of an online method that will save personal time.
Our company offers you to make passport Balakleya inexpensive. We provide services in registration of the international passport of Balakleya for several years.

Documents for passport Balakley

In order to obtain a passport, you will need to fill out a special application. You can take it in our company, and download online from the Internet. The application form for a child and an adult differ from each other, pay attention to it. To apply for a passport you will need to collect a certain package of documents, which will include a work book, a completed application and so on. You can find the full list of required documents on the company’s website or from our employees.

Order a passport in Balakley

Often when applying for a passport there are different kinds of questions. You will be able to apply them in our company. We will be happy to advise you.

Why should you choose our company? We will help you to get a passport for you or your minor child in a short period of time. You will not have to worry about anything, as we will control the whole process. We have a great experience in the market, which is one of our advantages. The company offers customers a high level of service, as well as an attractive cost for services for registration of the passport.

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