To get a passport Kupyansk (Ukraine)

Cost of passport service in Kupyansk

document Name cost of registration*
Passport Kupyansk
up to 1 month 1200 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 1600 UAH. (₴)
police clearance certificate Kupyansk
10 W/d 350 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 400 UAH. (₴)
5 W/d 450 UAH. (₴)
3 W/d 500 UAH. (₴)
1 W/d 1000 UAH. (₴)
LVL Kupyansk
Russia – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Belarus – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Moldova – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
CIS – 1 month and 7 days. $ 1500 ($)
Abroad $ 2000 ($)
China 3000 USD ($)
Vietnam 3000 USD ($)
LVH Kupyansk
Russia – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Belarus – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Moldova – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
CIS $ 300 ($)
Abroad $ 500 ($)
Vietnam $ 600 ($)

Issue a passport in Kupyansk

Just a few years ago for registration of the passport in Kupyansk had to take place for many months. Now the procedure has been simplified, but self-registration of the passport is still associated with certain difficulties. An error in completing the questionnaire or the absence of any documents will lead in the worst case to the refusal to issue a passport. At best, you will be forced to allocate an extra day to re-visit the VMI and other instances.

Provided by us services on registration of the passport in Kupyansk will protect from these problems. Turning to us, you can be sure that you do not have to stand in queues and spend your time visiting the passport office. Our experts will help you to fill out an application for the issuance of a passport. We know which items most often cause difficulties, and tell you how to increase the chances of obtaining a passport without delay.

Documents for registration of the passport in Kupyansk

We will list the documents that you will need for registration of the passport:

  1. Ukrainian Passport or biometric ID;
  2. Copy of all pages of the internal passport or ID;
  3. Completed application for a foreign passport;
  4. All previously received passports and copies of pages with photo;
  5. Receipt of payment of fees for registration of the passport;
  6. certificate of identification code assignment and its copy;
  7. For a child under 14 years old — birth certificate.

Many are faced with the fact that it is impossible to quickly collect the necessary documents because of bureaucratic difficulties. Our experts are ready to answer all your questions, help to prepare a package of documents, make copies and suggest how to pay the state fee. Thus, you will have to visit the VMI only once on the appointed day to take prints and take a photo.

Order services of registration of the passport in Kupyansk

You should contact us if your goal is to make a passport in Kupyansk inexpensive and not to be disappointed in the quality of the service. Our clients are people who value their time and money. We take care of all issues with the local police Department. Unlike most competitors, we can guarantee a quick registration of the passport at a price that will please you. We value our customers, so it is beneficial for us to provide quality services at a lower cost.

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