To get a passport Zmiev (Ukraine)

Cost of passport service in Zmiev

document Name Cost of registration*
Passport Zmiev
up to 1 month 1200 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 1600 UAH. (₴)
police clearance certificate Zmiev
10 W/d 350 UAH. (₴)
7 W/d 400 UAH. (₴)
5 W/d 450 UAH. (₴)
3 W/d 500 UAH. (₴)
1 W/d 1000 UAH. (₴)
LVL Zmiev
Russia – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Belarus – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
Moldova – 1 month and 7 days. $ 800 ($)
CIS – 1 month and 7 days. $ 1500 ($)
Abroad $ 2000 ($)
China 3000 USD ($)
Vietnam 3000 USD ($)
LVH Zmiev
Russia – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Belarus – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
Moldova – 3 slave. dyne. – 15 slave. dyne. $ 300 ($)
CIS $ 300 ($)
Abroad $ 500 ($)
Vietnam $ 600 ($)

Price of the passport in Zmiev

Registration of a foreign passport requires not only time, but also money costs. To be able to to make a passport Zmiev inexpensive, you will need to specify in advance the time of the organization in which you plan to apply for your application.

Our enterprise offers you services in registration of the passport of Zmiev. We have a long experience that can be attributed to the advantage of the company.

Many about the issue to get a passport serpents price on the service interested in the first place. Please note that all those who submit documents for registration of foreign passport Zmiev, are required to pay a fee. It is worth noting that the cost of the service will depend on who is applied for. For example, the fee for a minor citizen is lower than for an adult citizen. If you want to clarify the price, then you are advised to visit our website, which is available to everyone. There you will also find contacts with which you can already directly contact our staff. We will provide you with advice and answer all questions of interest to you.

the Timing of registration of the passport in Zmiev

If you are planning a trip in the near future, you are advised to take care of the preparation of all documents. For example, the production is carried out within one month.

Find a list of those that you will need to obtain a passport, you can on the website. You will need to submit a hand-filled application to our staff.

Our organization has been operating for several years. We offer services of excellent quality. We, in turn, guarantee you that the necessary documents will be ready for you in a certain time period.

Issue a passport Zmiev (Ukraine)

Today we are chosen by a considerable number of clients. Giving preference to us, you thus primarily get the opportunity to issue a passport that will be useful to you for a trip to a particular country. It is quite easy to take advantage of the offer, and the whole application process will not take much of your time.

For all questions, you can contact the employees. You can get acquainted with the contact details and clarify the working conditions of our company on the official website.

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