Obtaining residence permits Ukraine to Belarusians

Obtaining a residence permit of Ukraine for Belarusians is similar to the procedure for other foreign citizens, except for the stay itself, which is undoubtedly for Belarusians “visa-free”. Given that the residence permit gives the owner to work quietly in the country for a long time, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the process of its registration. Themselves residence permits can be permanent or workers, depending on the grounds.

For the possibility of registration of the working permit, the citizen will require a work permit from the city center on employment. To obtain a permanent residence permit, you will need grounds, which may be, for example, a birth certificate on the territory of Ukraine or marriage to a citizen. As for the procedure itself, we will go through in detail the points of the necessary documents:

  1. the Document confirming absence of previous convictions.
  2. identity Card or a copy thereof.
  3. Address of actual residence, and list of family members.
  4. If you are married, you must provide a copy of the certificate.
  5. help from alcohol-drug dispensary about the absence of dependencies.
  6. Photos in the amount of three pieces.

To apply, apply to the bodies of the migration service. The period of consideration and decision-making is limited to fifteen working days. But if you do not comply with important points and you can refuse if:

  1. Your documents do not correspond with those submitted for consideration.
  2. the Application is incorrect.
  3. You are already on the territory of Ukraine, without having grounds.

If you are refused, we advise you to pay attention to the reasons in a timely manner to eliminate them, and repeat again. As a rule, with the right approach, the above problems can be guaranteed to be avoided. Get residence permit of Ukraine Belarusians in this case is not difficult in the shortest possible time! residence in Ukraine for a citizen of Moldova is not a difficult process, if the action is carried out within the framework of the legislation.we help to carry out registration and submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit. With us residence permit in Ukraine for Turkish citizens becomes an easy and quick task.