Residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of the European Union

View residency in Ukraine for EU starts with permissions immigrate territory Ukraine

and ends getting the ID, allow live Ukraine no limitations in time.

The different visa from of residency

Visa is different limitations with entry, exit from countriesTerm stay in country varies from 90 to 180 days.

Except < /span class > visa gives full permissions< / span> on work (only by concluding contract with < / span class = "word" >specific employer), travel by country and others.

Right, giving with availability ID of residence, related with rights citizen, with the difference, that citizen

countries has right participate in elections, serve in army, buy landresidence permit and releases living from fill

papers border with entryexit from country and not is limit movement in border.

Some citizens EU may claim getting Residence permit

Citizens EU representing value for Ukraine in as investors, figures science and cultureIf citizen has

rare profession, popular in Ukraine, to it considered experts with high qualifications in medicine,

science and so next, that may make significant input in economy country.

Face, have straight related context in UkraineFor this required matching ID, confirming the relationship.

Citizens EU, served in APU from from three and moreAnd and face, earlier had citizenship Ukraine.

That required for get ID residence permit

View residency in Ukraine for EU required package document for get residence permit based on from cause

get, from required documents this:

4 photos 3×4

identity identity translated to Ukrainian language and certified by notary

help about criminal record

identity about no narcotic dependencies

receipt about payment state fees