To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Croatia

residence permit for Croatian citizens in Ukraine

Documents for obtaining a residence permit for Croatian citizens in Ukraine

To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for Croatian citizens will need the following documents:

  1. Passport;
  2. marriage Certificate and those who are in it (If the citizen is married);
  3. Copies of these documents;
  4. 8 matte photos (for documents);
  5. help about the family;
  6. Documentary evidence of your current place of residence;
  7. police clearance certificate;
  8. Document confirming the absence of drug and alcohol dependence.

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens with Croatia

To issue a residence permit Croatian citizens in Ukraine need at least once to enter the country. For registration you need:

  1. to Assemble the necessary package of documents;
  2. Write an application to the migration service;
  3. to Wait the processing time of the application;
  4. Get official notification.

If there were any mistakes related to the documents, the citizen is refused. The reasons why such a decision was taken are necessarily indicated in the official document. A citizen can correct all their problems and re-send the documentation for consideration. In this case, the person will receive a positive response and will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of a residence permit.

Services on registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Croatia

Now provide services of registration of a residence permit to citizens of Croatia in Ukraine some law firms which provide a package of services such as:

  1. Consultation and support of the client at all stages of registration;
  2. Legal analysis of the migration status of a foreign citizen;
  3. Preparation of all necessary documents;
  4. Submission of documents to the migration authorities;
  5. Accompanying the client in the presence of a migration lawyer in the migration service when submitting and receiving documents;

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