To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Greece

residence permit for Greek citizens in Ukraine

Residence permit services in Ukraine for Albanian citizens

To Obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for Greek citizens – the task is quite feasible. The most important thing is to study all the options and ways to get it. The main options are only two:

  • You are satisfied with a temporary residence permit
  • You plan to live permanently in Ukraine, and you need a permanent residence permit option

Their main difference is that if the duration of the possibility of using a permanent residence permit has no restrictions, the residence permit of the first option will have to be reissued regularly.In addition, it involves being in the country only 90 days. After the period expires, will have to leave the state for the same time.

I must say that 90 days is a long time, and many of it is enough to realize their goals.

When a citizen of Greece should issue a residence permit temporary residence?

Sometimes to issue a residence permit to citizens of Greece in Ukraine is much more profitable in the form of a temporary residence permit. The main advantage is that the process of its registration is much easier. There are no clear rules on which to focus. The grounds may be different:

  • You are going on a long working trip
  • You are going on a long study trip
  • You are the wife or husband of a Ukrainian (Ukrainian)
  • Your family reunites

If you fall under at least one of the categories, you can safely use your right of temporary stay in the state.

Permanent Ukrainian residence permit for Greek citizen

If You need a residence permit in Ukraine for permanent residence, the task becomes more difficult. Here are considered insufficient grounds for stay in Ukraine for work or study. The first place is occupied by family ties.

If You decide to use services of registration of residence permit to citizens of Greece in Ukrainenot, the list of documents will be as follows:

  1. an application from a citizen of Greece
  2. passport copies with all the migration notes and attachments
  3. Personal information pages of the passport should (translated into Ukrainian), just then you need to assure all
  4. Copy of immigration permit (certified)
  5. 4 matte photos 3,5×4,5 cm.
  6. Payment of state duty

To Issue a residence permit to citizens of Greece in Ukraine can be for several reasons, the main thing – to study what are the grounds and what documents are required.

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