To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Lithuania

residence permit for Lithuanian citizens in Ukraine

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens of Lithuania?

In this article you will learn about such an important concept as residence permit in Ukraine to citizens of Lithuania, what certificates will be required to collect for the acquisition of this. Obretenie type – mandatory for the stranger, which aims at long and continuous stay on the territory of Ukraine. thanks to this foreign resident has the full right to live on the same conditions as the indigenous people or those who live on a visa-free regime.

  1. Temporary residence Permit in Ukraine. The right to legal residence in Ukraine at the time allows you to be in the area of Ukraine less than a hundred days, after which a person should go home. For assignment of this type to the individual it is required to transfer all list of the necessary papers, the basis by means of which it is possible to issue a look. The list and the list of required documents are always different, depending on the situation of arrival.
  2. Permanent view is issued in the presence of a much significant reason: marriage, children from a Ukrainian resident, territorial sign and others. It has much more features than the temporary type. A foreigner should have a permit to carry out this procedure, it must comply with the Ukrainian law, then transferred to a certain service for migration.

List of required documents for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Lithuania

You need to know that there is no fixed list of documents, it depends on each real precedent. After all, each of them is completely different. The list is determined by the following factors:

  • When a certain type of residence permit is requested in Ukraine.
  • A Good excuse to confirm the certificate: the Union of the family with an indigenous, education in higher education in Eastern Europe, the acquisition of work in the territory and others.
  • Eastern Europe is a home country for the citizen and other factors.

Get a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Lithuania

But there are also mandatory papers that pass all future residents of Ukraine, regardless of the individuality and complexity of the situation:

  • Passport, paper, indicating the authenticity of the individual.
  • 4 photos of a foreign citizen with a fixed size.
  • Paper, talking about the full payment of state duties.
  • If you have a certificate of marriage.
  • To residence permit in Ukraine for the citizens of Lithuania, you must have a social security number and a personal statement.

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