To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Moldova

residence permit for Moldovan citizens in Ukraine

How can Moldovan citizens obtain a residence permit in Ukraine?

Today we will talk about what procedure is necessary to pass in order to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Moldova. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, visiting citizens can stay in the country for a period not exceeding ninety days. In cases of longer stays, a residence permit is required. The procedure itself is not particularly difficult and looks very simple, but in fact it takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort.

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Moldova

So, you decided to get a residence permit. What you need to do, where to go and how long it will take?

Such decisions are made by the Federal migration service of Ukraine. Accordingly, it is necessary to apply there.

The first stage of registration of citizenship is to provide grounds for obtaining a residence permit. These include:

  • Cases where one of the spouses is already a citizen of Ukraine.
  • If you entered and plan to study in educational institutions in the territory of this state.
  • You are a representative of international companies operating in this country.
  • Your employment is related to the media.

The full list of grounds for registration of citizenship you can find when you apply or on the official website of the FMS.

The second stage. Once you have indicated the reason for obtaining citizenship, you need to proceed to the collection of documents.

Collection of documents for registration of citizenship in Ukraine

List of documents.

  • Valid passport of the citizen of Moldova, with a nested copy.
  • Compulsory health insurance policy.
  • TIN.
  • Statement.
  • Receipts of payment of the state fee.

The package of documents may vary, depending on the reason for obtaining a residence permit.

Third stage. All documents are handed over, we can only wait for the decision of the Commission. Such applications are usually processed within 14-15 business days. Of course, due to certain situations, these terms may change.

In practice it happens quite often that when you call the citizens to get a waiver. Because of what it could be.

  • The Reasons for the negative decision.
  • Violation at registration.
  • The data is Not correct.
  • Criminal record and other open obligations.

the Main reasons for refusal to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine

There are many reasons for refusal and all this is considered on an individual basis.

Also, a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Moldova can be obtained by contacting third-party organizations that will take all the trouble and provide a guarantee of a positive decision of the FMS.

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