To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of the Czech Republic

residence permit for citizens of the Czech Republic in Ukraine
According to the generally established rules, foreigners, including citizens of the Czech Republic, as well as those who do not have citizenship, on the territory of Ukraine can be no more than 90 calendar days.

How to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to citizens from the Czech Republic?

Getting a residence permit in Ukraine for Czech citizens is quite simple. And in order to stay in the country within the framework of the law more than the established terms, the Czechs or stateless persons will need to obtain documents that confirm the legality of this stay.

These documents include a temporary and permanent residence permit. The first document allows you to live in Ukraine no more than 12 months, but this period can be extended. As for the temporary residence permit, it is issued by employees of the migration civil service of the country in the order established by the Ukrainian legislation.

the Order of registration of residence permits to citizens of the Czech Republic

To do this, applicants must submit applications with documentation packages to the HMS at their place of residence. Speaking of a specific list of documentation required to obtain a residence permit, there are also several points.

So, for example, there is a General basic list of documents. It includes:

  • Statements of persons;
  • Passport or documents that certify the person with copies of them;
  • Certified translations into Ukrainian of pages of passport documents or documents that prove identity with all personal data of applicants;
  • Payment documents on payment of administrative fees;
  • Copies of tin certificates, if available.

To Issue a residence permit to Czech citizens in Ukraine can be quite fast. It should be noted that depending on those or other grounds for obtaining temporary residence permits in Ukraine, the list of the above documents may be slightly different.

Within 15 working days, starting from the date of acceptance by the territorial bodies or units of the state migration service of Ukraine of documents from foreigners or stateless persons, the state migration service bodies are obliged to provide the applicants with answers to the applications for obtaining a permit or refuse to obtain it. Services of registration of a residence permit to citizens of the Czech Republic in Ukraine are provided by experts with a wide experience.

Services for registration of residence permit in Ukraine for Czech citizens

Residence permit is granted to foreigners, which include the Czechs, as well as stateless persons on receipt after the foreigners present passports or documents that prove the identity of stateless persons, in which the last free page has a mark on the receipt of the form established by the rules of the sample. It is fastened with special seals.

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