To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan

residence permit for citizens of Turkmenistan in Ukraine

How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan?

In Order to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine, Turkmen citizens will have to collect quite a few papers and bypass various authorities. But all this is quite solvable, let’s see how it can be done.

For registration of such documents, the citizen who applied to the migration service must provide a weighty justification for his claim, otherwise he will simply be denied a residence permit.

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan

  • If one of the spouses is already a citizen of Ukraine.
  • A Visiting citizen came to work on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Media Workers.
  • Employees of large international companies.
  • For the period of study in educational institutions of Ukraine.
  • Church Ministers when it comes to their professional activities.

A more detailed list of grounds for obtaining citizenship can be found on the website of the Federal migration service of Ukraine.

Collection of documents for registration of citizenship in Ukraine

Required list of documents.

  • In the first place, you must fill in the application form of the desired sample.
  • Valid passport and photocopy.
  • Personal data of the passport must be translated into Ukrainian and have documentary proof of translation.
  • Also the citizen who makes out citizenship is obliged to provide the policy of obligatory medical insurance.
  • Receipt of payment of all necessary state duties.
  • Set of photos.
  • Photocopy of TIN.

The List of documents may be slightly different, it all depends on the reasons for registration of citizenship. A more accurate list will be given to you when you contact the FMS. After that, we can only wait for the decision of the migration service. Such applications are usually processed within 14-15 working days. But not always the answer is a positive answer.

The Most common reasons for refusal to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan

  • Ensuring state security and order.
  • Ensuring safety and health for local residents.
  • non-Conformity or defect of the foreign applicant.
  • Providing false or false information.
  • Availability of judicial proceedings in the territory of the native country.

And a substantial list of various reasons.

And only after passing all these procedures, it is possible to issue a residence permit in Ukraine to residents of Turkmenistan and other countries. This opens up the opportunity to enjoy all state benefits.

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