To obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Uzbekistan

residence permit for citizens of Uzbekistan in Ukraine

How to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Uzbekistan

Every year a large number of citizens come to Ukraine to work productively. Flexible migration conditions, the lack of difficulties in obtaining permits, are for many who want to work in Ukraine, quite attractive.

To obtain a residence permit and stay in Ukraine for a long time, Uzbek citizens need to get a temporary or permanent residence permit. This document is issued only in the migration service. The maximum period of validity of a residence permit does not exceed one year, after which a visa extension is required.

Collection of documents for citizens of Uzbekistan when applying for citizenship in Ukraine

First of all, you need a reason to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine (work, education, marriage, and more), and the collection of necessary documents. It is also important to have a standard set of documents, which include:

  • Statement, a standard sample.
  • The passport of the citizen of Uzbekistan (returned after verification).
  • Notarial transfer confirmation information from the ID into the Ukrainian language.
  • Compulsory health insurance policy.
  • Existing identification code, a copy of it.

It should be noted that a citizen of Uzbekistan obtaining a residence permit greatly facilitates professional or social activities in the country. With this permission, the employee’s stay is not limited. He can live and work in Ukraine for a year, and this is a significant period, in contrast to the official 90 days from the date of arrival.

In addition, the guest of the country has the opportunity to visit the state without a visa or get a job in the organization without restrictions on the combination of positions. And also received the right of residence, are exempt from the consular fee and expensive medical insurance.

Depending on the grounds for obtaining the right of residence, the list of documents may vary. After submitting the application within fifteen days, the migration service must decide whether to allow or reject the request.

The right of residence in Ukraine for citizens of Uzbekistan with poor knowledge of the state language, it will be difficult to prepare the relevant documents. Therefore, for most of those wishing to seek advice from specialists of the migration service.

Registration of residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Uzbekistan

The official document provides a number of opportunities to the citizen of Uzbekistan:

  • take advantage of a large number of benefits to which a citizen of the state is entitled;
  • receive full medical care;
  • learn and work.

Any citizen of Uzbekistan who has one of these grounds has the right to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.

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